A scientific paper by a Dublin based academic has been listed by top academic journal Nature in the top ten most highly cited research papers ever.

The 1988 study by Professor Des Higgins, who is Professor of Bioinformatics at the UCD Conway Institute set the international standard for DNA sequence analysis.

His paper, which was originally published in Nature, has been cited 100,000 times since.

The number of citations of a scientific paper by other researchers after it is published is a key measure of the significance and success of the work.

Citations are therefore an indicator of how important other scientists consider a piece of research when advancing their own work.

Professor Higgins has been working in the areas of bioinformatics and molecular evolution since 1985, predominantly on methods and software for DNA and protein sequence alignment.

His paper is the only one by an Irish scientist to be included in the top ten, and he also has a second paper in the Top 30.

The paper saw the development of the the original "Clustal" programme for aligning protein sequences.

The algorithm contained in the programme was designed to work on personal computers, which made it far more useful for scientists and helped to make it the industry standard.

Earlier this year, Professor Higgins was named on Thomson Reuters' list of the World's Most Influential Scientific Minds 2014.