New figures released to RTÉ Prime Time show the number of seizures of pills that can be used for abortions more than doubled during the first 10 months of this year.

The figures from the Health Products Regulatory Authority show there have been 60 seizures of over 1,000 tablets during 2014, up from 24 seizures last year.

The Master of the Rotunda Hospital in Ireland expressed concern about a website that is offering abortion pills online to Irish Women. 

Speaking on RTÉ Prime Time tonight Dr Sam Coulter Smith said "if you are administering these drugs at the wrong dose and at the wrong intervals or by the wrong route then there is a risk of perforation in that situation and that is a very serious complication."

He went on to say that his hospital has treated people who have presented with problems after taking these drugs: "We have seen people who have taken drugs to induce miscarriage, induce abortion absolutely yes thankfully we haven't run into many significant problems with them but we are certainly aware that it happens."

In 2001 a group then called Women on Waves sailed a ship into Dublin, led by Dutch doctor Rebecca Gomperts, offering to perform abortions on Irish women in International waters.

Women on Waves are now known as Women on Web and sell abortifacients online to women around the world.

Prime Time reports that many Irish women who avail of the service have their pills sent to Northern Ireland where they collect them. 

Prime Time ordered abortifacients online from the Women on Web site and picked them up from a post office in Northern Ireland.