Staff at the National Treasury Management Agency and the National Asset Management Agency are on the "most lucrative pension schemes" in the State, a Fianna Fáil frontbench spokesperson has claimed.

Timmy Dooley said a review of bonuses and pension entitlement across the State-funded organisations is now urgently needed.

Mr Dooley made the call after Minister for Finance Michael Noonan confirmed to him last night that staff at NAMA have defined benefit pension schemes.

"They are the most lucrative pensions and I think a review of benefits across the State sector is needed," he said.

Minister Noonan confirmed in a parliamentary reply that NTMA staff have a defined benefit scheme.

The NTMA is the agency that employs NAMA's staff.

Members of the scheme prior to January 2010 will receive benefits based on final salary.

Members of the scheme after that date will receive benefits based on career average earnings.

Of the 656 staff employed by the NTMA at end 2013, 332 were assigned to NAMA.