Transition Year students will for the first time get the opportunity to complete work experience in a Government department, due to a new initiative by the Department of Foreign Affairs.

It is offering 30 Transition Year students the chance to sample diplomatic life.

Around 37,000 students complete Transition Year every year.

It is a year that is unique to the Irish education system, with students moving beyond the constraints of the curriculum to learn different kinds of skills.

Most schools include at least two weeks where students are encouraged to find work placements in areas that interest them.

This is the first time a Government department is offering them a chance to hone their diplomacy skills.

Interested students will be asked to complete an essay or video on the theme of Ireland's values.

The students chosen, including half from DEIS or disadvantaged schools, will spend a week meeting Irish diplomats, visiting foreign embassies, and discussing and sharing their views on Irish foreign policy.