Both sides in the Greyhound waste dispute are reportedly finalising a deal that will then be put to workers on Monday.

The bitter row over pay cuts has been going on for 15 weeks with 78 workers locked out of their jobs.

It is expected that a package of measures will be agreed.

The package will include a redundancy deal consisting of two payments with firm dates and reduced pay cuts.

The reduce pay cuts will be between 15 and 20% for those workers who want to stay on at the plant along with a lump sum to buyout terms and conditions.

It is understood a sticking point was the financing of the buyout of terms and conditions and the company had been working on this.

Greyhound said tonight it welcomed the break through and hoped it resolved the dispute.

SIPTU said it looked like proposals would emerge this weekend which would be put to a ballot of workers on Monday.

The 78 SIPTU workers will be balloted on Monday morning at Liberty Hall.