The Department of Social Protection has confirmed that it has removed an ad for a school cleaner, which was highlighted by RTÉ News yesterday, from the JobBridge register.

A school in Dublin 8 applied through JobBridge for a cleaner.

The ad said the successful applicant would gain experience in cleaning a school and must be hardworking.

The department told RTÉ News that the position did not meet the JobBridge scheme criteria and the school would be contacted to inform them of this.

Tánaiste and Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton yesterday said she did not believe that looking for a cleaner through JobBridge was the "best use" of the scheme.

Another ad, looking for a school caretaker, from the same school is still on the JobBridge website.

It says the successful applicant will attain skills in school caretaking.

It is one of several ads on the site looking for school caretakers through JobBridge.

Other JobBridge ads for school cleaners remain on the JobBridge website today.

Another school also in Dublin 8 is looking for one.

It states the successful applicant will gain experience in things like using cleaning equipment.

It states they must be able to work quickly and efficiently.

JobBridge placements last for nine months, which is almost the length of the school year.