A new opinion poll shows an increase in support for the Government parties.

Just a month out from the Budget, the Red C poll for tomorrow's Sunday Business Post, also found a majority of people think the country is generally on the right track.

The last poll of its kind came at the end of June.

During the Summer break it seems the Government's popularity has been on the up.

Fine Gael rising by three points to 28%.

Labour, with a new leader since the last poll, has a more modest increase.

The party's support now stands at 8%, up one point.

Fianna Fáil party support is unchanged at 18%, while Sinn Féin has seen its support rise again - up one point to 23%.

Independents and Others are also on 23%, but that is down five points since the last poll.

Even more interesting is the how the 1,000 voters surveyed feel about the economy.

Some 61% now say the country is generally on the right track, while 39% disagree.

Almost six out of ten voters (58%) believe that the Government's austerity policies were necessary, with 41% disagreeing and 1% said they did not know.

Asked if Government should use extra resources to fund public services, rather than cutting taxes, 64% agreed and 34% did not.