Former Minister of State at the Department of Health Róisín Shortall has said that the Taoiseach Enda Kenny had "dismissed" her concerns over former minister for health James Reilly's reform proposals.

Her claim follows the revelation that the new Minister for Health Leo Varadkar was told by departmental officials that certain of Minister Reilly's reforms were "simply unworkable".

Ms Shortall said she had attended a special meeting with the Taoiseach, Mr Reilly and the former Labour leader Eamon Gilmore in July 2012.

At this meeting Ms Shortall aired her concerns over the break up of the HSE.

The meeting was arranged after Róisín Shortall as Minister of State at the Health Department drew up a document outlining her concerns over health reforms.

She said her concerns were dismissed.

She said that she sought an explanation from Mr Reilly in mid-2011.

Ms Shortall had wanted explanations over aspects of his health reform agenda.

She said it took ten months for an answer to come back from the Minister, but when it did it caused her concern.

Ms Shortall said she was concerned over the hiving-off of different parts of the health service, it would seem, to the insurance industry, and to the private sector".

She also questioned how the Cabinet could have given its approval at various stages of the health reform agenda.

Ms Shortall said the issue raised fundamental questions about the workings of Cabinet and the level of ministerial accountability.

Ministers do not have to explain why they took decisions and they do not have to reveal whether their officials agreed with them, she said.

Mount Carmel Hospital to be used for step-down services

Meanwhile, the HSE today confirmed it has purchased Mount Carmel hospital in Dublin but cannot confirm the cost.

The primary purpose of the facility will be for step-down services, which will be commissioned sometime next year.