Some of the Greyhound workers involved in the blockade of the depot have described the latest offer from management as an "absolute insult".

A ballot on the latest offer of pay cuts or redundancy will be held on Monday.

Meanwhile the company is pursuing a High Court action against those involved in the blockade.

Greyhound Recycling has already secured a High Court injunction against those involved.

An enforcement action for the breach of this order has been adjourned until Tuesday.

In a letter to workers the company said it would recover the costs of the action against the property of those involved.

It also said it is offering three and half weeks pay per year of service in redundancy including statutory entitlements.

One of the workers involved, Ray Reilly, claimed that the offer to reduce pay cuts is only from 35% to 33% with a €7,000 payment to buy out existing terms and conditions.

Mr Reilly said the company had previously offered five weeks redundancy.

"This is designed to damage the morale of the men and their families and confuse the public".

Greyhound has said this is best the company can offer if it is to remain viable.