A new play featuring 40 deaf performers aged 18 to 80 will be staged as part of this year's Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival.

The performance titled "You told me to Wash and Clean my Ears" was inspired by the murder of Eamon McKevitt, a deaf man who was shot dead by the British Army in Strabane in 1972.

The shooting caused outrage among the deaf community in Dublin, where Mr McKevitt had attended school. 

A march was organised to the British Embassy, which is now regarded as one of the first political acts undertaken by the deaf community as a whole. 

The play also discusses other issues of relevance to the deaf community such as the campaign to have Irish Sign Language recognised as an official language of the State.

The performance is a collaboration between artist Amanda Coogan and the Dublin Theatre of the Deaf and runs at the Project Arts and will run from 16 to 20 September.