More than 35 people have been killed as a result of heavy monsoon rains in Pakistan, according the officials.

Authorities warned more intense rainfall and flash floods could be imminent.

Most of the deaths were caused by roof collapses in buildings in Punjab, Pakistan's richest and most populous province, with 13 people killed in the provincial capital Lahore.

Pakistan has suffered deadly monsoon floods for at least the last four years -- in 2013, 178 people were killed and around 1.5 million affected by flooding around the country.

The government has been criticised for not doing more to mitigate against the dangers posed by seasonal rains washing away homes and farmland.

"At least 25 people have been killed in different incidents of roof collapses in Punjab province during the last 24 hours," a spokesman for rescue services told AFP.

He said the dead included women and children, and 28 people had been injured and that the toll is likely to rise as more information came in from around the province. 

In Pakistani-administered Kashmir, 10 people were killed and four others injured.

Also in Kashmir, three soldiers died in a mudslide near the de facto border with India, which like Pakistan claims the territory as its own.

Pakistan's meteorological office warned that more heavy rain and thunderstorms were expected in Punjab and the north of the country in the coming 72 hours and could cause flooding in major rivers.

The floods of 2010 were the worst in Pakistan's history, with 1,800 people killed and 21 million affected in what became a major humanitarian crisis.