Survivors of mother-and-baby homes are calling on the Government not to focus solely on nine of the better known homes in its commission of investigation but to include all institution.

The call comes following the revelation that mortality rates in one mother-and-baby home was as high as 68% in 1943.

Files at Cork City Archives show the infant mortality rate at Bessborough mother-and-baby home was as high as 47% in 1939.

According to the Irish Examiner this figure rose to 61% in 1943 and rose again to 68% in a subsequent report.

Most of the deceased were young infants and most of them succumbed to weakness.

At a meeting in Tullamore today survivors of mother-and-baby homes expressed their shock at the revelations. 

They said it strengthens their argument that the Government should investigate all homes and not only nine of the major ones, as examined in a civil service paper.