The Health Service Executive has said the inquiry team involved in examining the care given to the woman at the centre of the latest abortion controversy will begin its work immediately.

The team will work with "a view to completing the report in the shortest time possible, provided unforeseen circumstances do not arise".

Meanwhile, a number of demonstrations took place in Dublin today following the controversy surrounding the termination of a pregnancy by caesarean section.

Pro-life groups held a Vigil of Hope for the baby boy that was delivered at 25 weeks.

Choice Ireland joined calls to repeal the 8th amendment of the Constitution at a rally on O'Connell Street this afternoon.

Last night, the HSE published the Terms of Reference for the investigation into the care of the young woman form the time she represented herself requesting an abortion.

A team of four specialists will be tasked with establishing the factual circumstances.

The chain of communication between different service providers will also be assessed.

The young woman at the centre of the controversy says she was raped and became suicidal and sought an abortion in the early stages of pregnancy after she came to Ireland. 

Hundreds attend pro-choice rally in Dublin

About 600 people attended a pro-choice rally through Dublin city centre.

Pro-choice campaigners say they want a full independent inquiry into the case of the young woman who said she sought an abortion after being raped.

They are also calling for the Dáil to be reconvened to debate the controversy.

Meanwhile, about 400 people attended a pro-life vigil, also in Dublin city centre, with cards being signed for the baby at the centre of the ongoing controversy.