A young woman had a baby delivered by caesarean section after a panel of experts convened under Ireland's new laws decided not to permit an abortion.  

Her case was assessed under the legislation which was passed last summer and came into effect at the start of the year. 

The woman cannot be identified because there is a court order in place with reporting restrictions.

The case was first reported in the Irish Independent this morning but more details have emerged throughout the day. 

She was admitted to hospital in her second trimester wanting to have a termination.

RTÉ News understands that she was very vulnerable.

The Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act says that a termination can be carried out if a woman's life is at risk, including from suicide, and this can only be averted by carrying out a termination.

The woman was assessed by a panel of three experts and it was agreed that she had suicidal thoughts and a decision was made to terminate the pregnancy by caesarean section. 

It is believed that the woman wanted to have an abortion and began a hunger strike.

The Health Service Executive sought an order from the High Court to allow it to hydrate her by giving fluids. 

This order was granted. 

A second court date was set but later withdrawn after the woman agreed to have the baby delivered by caesarean section a few days later.

This was performed when she was 24 going on 25 weeks pregnant.

The baby is being cared for in hospital.