There has been an improvement in water quality at the Kildysart water treatment plant, but restrictions remain in place, according to Clare County Council.

The Health Service Executive, in conjunction with Irish Water and Clare County Council, imposed water restrictions on the Kildysart public water supply scheme on 29 July.

About 1,500 customers were told that the water was not suitable for drinking due to the discolouration of the supply caused by increased manganese levels.

More tests will be carried out before the restrictions can be lifted.

A council spokesperson said: "It is recommended that all users on the Kildysart Public Water Supply and the Coolmeen Group Water Supply should not use tap water until further notice except for the flushing of toilets, flushing of internal house plumbing systems, dishwashing, personal hygiene, and laundry as high manganese may lead to staining of clothes but is not a public health risk.

"Customers are also advised to discard ice cubes in fridges and freezers."

Drinking water tankers are being deployed daily outside Kildysart Secondary School and the Hilltop Bar in Coolmeen up until and including 12 August.

A statement said water customers are requested to advise Irish Water or Clare County Council of elderly or disabled people who may require special assistance.