A water main has burst in Los Angeles causing a large sinkhole to form, spouting water almost 10m off the ground.

Several areas along Sunset Boulevard were closed off as officials worked to divert the water from the 4.5m diameter hole in the ground.

The water main ruptured in the middle of a road, causing significant amounts of water and debris to be cast into the surrounding areas. 

The flooding caused severe damage to some of UCLA's campus with police reportedly considering issuing an evacuation order for the area. 

The campus has been sealed off as two underground car parks at the university were flooded by 45cm of standing water. 

A new on-campus sports centre also suffered extensive water damage. 

Safety officials say the width of the sinkhole is a cause for concern, as the water is impacting the soil with such force it is causing the sinkhole to expand. 

Five people were rescued by water rescue teams. 

Authorities have also reported two people got into difficulty after the cars they were travelling in became stuck in the moving water.