President Michael D Higgins led commemorations today to mark the centenary of the 1914 gunrunning in Howth, Co Dublin. 

Descendants and relatives of those who took part attended.

The Howth Gun running saw the Asgard, a yacht owned by Erskine and Molly Childers, dock at Howth in July 1914, unloading a shipment of arms for the Volunteers.

The yacht was carrying 900 rifles and 19,000 rounds of ammunition.

The arms were bought in Hamburg with funds from the Irish volunteers, notably Alice Stopford Green and Roger Casement.

There was an attempt to seize the weapons at Bachelor's Walk in Dublin, where three people died.

Most of the weapons were used in the Easter Rising of 1916.

There was a re-enactment today of the landing of the arms.

President Higgins lay a wreath in tribute to those who took part in the gun running.

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