A sixth college that caters for international students may be about to close.

BCT college on Dublin's Parnell Square told students last week that it was taking a two-week holiday.

However, senior staff have told RTÉ News there is a very real possibility that the college will not reopen for classes.

BCT is one of a number of colleges that was suspended from a register operated by immigration authorities last April.

Like many other colleges in Ireland it caters to international students who need visas to study.

Since its suspension the college has continued to operate but it can not enrol new non-EU students and so it has lost a revenue stream.

Students were surprised to be told last week that the college was taking the two-week holiday. 

The college says most of its remaining 500 students have completed their studies.

It says between 50-60 students remain with courses to complete.

Students who have completed their courses at BCT have complained that their immigration status is now in limbo.

They say there are huge delays in getting visas renewed because their college is suspended.

They say they are worried about now becoming illegal through no fault of their own and of losing their jobs as a result.