A GP who treated a girl who died from brain damage and cardiac arrest has said he believed the child had presented with a medical emergency just days before her death.

Aibha Conroy, from Carna in Co Galway, died at Temple Street Children's Hospital on 14 December 2011, after being initially treated at University Hospital Galway.

Giving evidence at her inquest, Dr Michael Casey said Aibha had presented to his surgery with very low blood pressure on 10 December 2011.

She was also dehydrated, suffering from headaches, and had been vomiting.

However, Dr Casey said he did not believe that Aibha was in mortal danger.

He said the girl had presented with similar symptoms on a number of occasions dating back to 2007.

He referred her to University Hospital Galway for further treatment.

Dr Casey said Aibha had appeared to be developing a pattern in the years leading to her death.

He said minor illnesses would be major incidents for the child, and that the intervals between her GP visits were becoming shorter.

He said the girl was becoming sicker with each presentation.

Dr Casey said he was concerned about the possibility that Aibha was suffering from an underlying disease that he had not fully grasped.

The inquest, at Dublin City Coroner's Court, was attended by family members, including Aibha's parents, John and Kathleen Conroy, and her eight-year-old sister.

The hearing has been adjourned until 18 November, when it is expected to continue for another four days.