An updated report from the HSE on compliance with public pay policy, by section 38 health agencies, says 67 business cases have been made for approval to maintain existing pay, where staff are deemed to have an entitlement due to their employment contractual rights.

The HSE says the submissions have been made by health agencies to "red circle"  these pay arrangements, after they have obtained independent legal advice.

In the case of a further 14 business cases, there is an indication of possible contractual entitlements and supporting documentation is awaited.

Work is proceeding on a further four business cases.

In the case of three others, applications for approval for the continuation of two of these has been made directly to the Department of Health by the agencies concerned.

Eight business cases in respect of the Central Remedial Clinic are being dealt with under a separate process.

In all,143 business cases were made and arrangements have been made to cease 47.

The HSE hopes to deal with the remaining issues over the summer and have a full detailed report in September.

The report to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Health and Children says that all Section 38 agencies have expressed their desire to reach compliance as quickly as possible.

The report will be discussed at a meeting of the committee tomorrow.

Meanwhile, in relation to section 39 agencies, whose employees are not public servants, and are not bound by Department of Health salary scales, the HSE report says it has looked at the agencies who receive over €5m a year and those those receive between €3-5m.

Of the 39 section 39 agencies who receive over €3m a year, details of pay in 37 agencies has been received.

It shows that 24 senior managers earn over €100,000 a year.

Four managers earn between €125,000 and €150,000 and 20 earn between €100,000 and €125,000 euro a year.

In addition, 34 management positions receive extra benefits such as private health insurance, or a company car.

The HSE says it will engage further with these agencies over the coming weeks regarding their service arrangement with the HSE not to pay or subsidise salaries or expenses which exceed those normally paid within the public sector.