The waste disposal company Greyhound has said that it is willing to go to the Labour Relations Commission to resolve its pay cut dispute.

The company cut its workers' pay on 17 June and its workers claim that they have been "locked out".

The workers are concerned that if they clock in, it will mean that they are accepting new terms and conditions.

SIPTU said there is nothing new in Greyhound's offer and It is not willing to partake in talks unless its members are allowed to return to work under their current conditions.

Greyhound management have claimed that their workers are the best paid in Europe.

Speaking on RTÉ's The Business, the Buckley brothers said that even with pay cuts the waste disposal crews get paid higher than other waste disposal workers in Ireland.

Michael Buckley rejected the assertion that collection staff have been locked out of their jobs.

He said that they had to reduce the wages as market forces had altered since they first took on the contract.

SIPTU representative Owen Reidy said the Labour Court had recommended that discussions be held.

He said that any discussion since then has been very short lived and that the staff had been locked out on 17 June.

Mr Reidy said that despite the company's productivity increasing by 25% that the workers were being hit with a 35% pay cut.

He said the whole thing is a perfect example of what a mess was made of the privatisation of waste management when it was introduced.