Members of the Orange Order have staged a peaceful protest in north Belfast after restrictions were imposed on their 12th of July parade.

Several hundred marchers turned back from police lines after statements were made, criticising a Parades Commission decision that prevents them from parading past nationalist homes.

Earlier, six people were charged with public order offences in north and west Belfast overnight.

They are accused of a variety of offences, including rioting and assaulting police. 

Eight people were arrested for public order offences in north and west Belfast overnight.

Trouble flared during the Eleventh Night, an annual marching season celebration involving the lighting of bonfires.

Last night, officers dealt with incidents in Lanark Way, Oldpark Road and the Springfield Road and those detained were a 17-year-old male youth and seven men aged between 22 and 34.

Separately, police are treating a sectarian attack on an Orange Hall in Co Antrim as a hate crime.

Republican and sectarian graffiti was painted on the hall at Coleraine Road, Ballycastle.

A controversial parade in north Belfast this morning passed off peacefully.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland has deployed 3,500 officers including riot police ahead of 18 parades taking place across Ulster.

Last year when the march was stopped Orange men and their supporters attacked police in riots that lasted for several days.

The order has appealed for a peaceful outcome this year and wants the disputed parade near Ardoyne to disperse promptly when it returns. 

The Orange Order is also holding a series of marches after the main demonstrations in protest at the Parades Commission ban on and says they will be in non contentious areas.

Elsewhere, The Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue service received a total of 160 fire calls overnight.

58 incidents were bonfire related with 28 of them requiring the intervention of the fire service.