The father of a four-year-old cancer sufferer who has undergone potentially life-saving surgery in the US has said doctors are very happy with his progress overall.

Gavin Glynn suffers from rhabdomyosarcoma, a cancer of the muscles.

He underwent an 11-hour procedure, which involved the removal of tumours from his pelvis and the use of a specialist chemotherapy treatment, which was only available for children at a hospital in Texas.

Gavin's parents had been informed that his bladder and colon might have to be removed.

However, this did not happen.

Gavin's father said: "You got an update every two hours to tell you exactly how the surgery was going.

"It was about the second or third update into it that we'd found out that she didn't have to remove any of the organs, and that the HIPEC treatment, which is the heated chemotherapy, would be going ahead.

"Now she'd told us earlier on in the morning time, before the surgery went ahead, that if she couldn't guarantee that she could get 100% per cent of the tumours out she wouldn't do the heated chemotherapy part."