Croke Park residents are to protest outside next Monday's monthly meeting of Dublin City Council over the planned Garth Brooks concerts.

They have also agreed to mandate local councillors to demand an oral hearing into the concert licence application.

The decisions were made at a public meeting attended by around 150 residents.

Dublin City Council is expected to take a decision on a licence for the five concerts by the end of the week.

One group representing Croke Park residents earlier outlined a series of legal options it will consider if the council grants permission for the concerts.

The Croke Park Streets Committees Association said it will consider a High Court action, judicial review or private prosecution if the permission is granted.

Solicitor Anthony Fay, who is representing the residents' group, said the Croke Park authorities had created "an economic juggernaut" by selling over 400,000 tickets in February before applying for a concert licence only last April.

A mediation report by Kieran Mulvey recommended limiting the number of concerts to an average of three a year and for the GAA to pay €500,000 for local community projects to offset the negative impact on quality of life for residents.

The GAA has accepted the report.