A Sunday Business Post/RED C opinion poll suggests a drop in support for the Labour Party and gains for Sinn Féin, Independents and others.

The poll also found that most people do not believe they are benefiting from any economic recovery.

It suggests that if the General Election was held tomorrow 25% of voters would give their first preference to Fine Gael, no change on the last poll.

Labour is on 7% support; down four points.

On a week when Fianna Fáil was embroiled in controversy over MEP Brian Crowley, the party's support fell three points to 18%.

Sinn Féin moved up four points to 22%, while support for Independents and others now stands at 28%, up three points.

Only 38% felt an economic recovery was benefiting them and 62% said it was not.

41% of those who voted Fine Gael in 2011 believe there is a recovery under way and they are benefiting.

40% of those who backed Labour feel the same.

The figure is lower among Fianna Fáil voters, with 26% believing they are benefiting.

Only 23% of Sinn Féin voters believe a recovery is impacting them positively, while the figure among those who voted for independents and others is 27%.