The union representing senior civil servants has called for the restoration of previous pay levels for its members.

The Association of Higher Civil and Public Servants is also calling for an end to a moratorium on recruitment in the public service.

The association, which represents top civil servants including those on salaries over €100,000, said it will be pushing for its members’ salary scales to be restored as promised under the Haddington Road Agreement.

It notes that the private sector is awarding pay rises and says pay cuts for public servants were predicated on there being an economic emergency.

It is also calling for an end to the block on recruitment in the public service saying that most departments and offices have been cut to the bone.

It also claims that many offices are keeping numbers down by outsourcing jobs and says this must stop.

The association has also rejected claims that the civil service is not performing and says it has proven over recent years that is open to change and accountable.