Gunmen stormed Libya's General National Congress in Tripoli and started shooting, forcing politicians to abandon a vote on the country's next prime minister, a parliamentary spokesman said.
Spokesman Omar Hmeidan said that several people had been wounded by the shooting started by gunmen linked to one of the defeated candidates for prime minister.

The government of has been unable to control heavily-armed militias who helped oust Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 but have so far refused to disarm.
Mr Hmeidan said deputies had started the final vote on a replacement for Premier Abdullah al-Thinni, who resigned two weeks ago, saying gunmen had attacked his family. 

In the first ballot, businessman Ahmed Maiteeq came out on top among seven candidates.

A second round between Mr Maiteeq and the runner-up Omar al-Hasi had been meant to take place when gunmen burst into the assembly. 
MP Tahar Mokni said the vote on the next prime minister has been postponed until next week.