Bank of Ireland Chief Executive Richie Boucher has been attacked for his treatment of politicians and the bank's refusal to write off mortgage debt at the company's Annual General Meeting.

However, some shareholders praised Mr Boucher's stewardship of the bank.

One shareholder castigated Mr Boucher for treating politicians like "idiots".

Others were critical of the amount of money paid to executives, while shareholders received no dividends.

Shareholder William Malone described Mr Boucher's salary as a "disgraceful" amount of money.

However, the bank's management defended its policy on pay and said that the CEO's package last year was unchanged on the previous year.

There were mixed views on the arrears crisis.

Some raised concern about mortgage holders deliberately withholding payments.

Another said he did not want the bank to become profitable on the back of shattered lives.

Shareholder Dermot Carroll said the bank is the most "cruel and relentless" for going after defaulting borrowers.

He also told Mr Boucher "to stop treating public representatives like idiots".