The Health Service Executive has issued a warning to the public, following an outbreak of measles at NUI Galway.

There are two confirmed cases of the condition among students there.

The HSE said vigilance is required given the proximity of many students on campus and the contagious nature of measles.

It is advising all students to ensure they have been given two doses of the MMR vaccine.

Any students who have not received this level of protection should be vaccinated immediately.

The disease can cause serious complications, especially for children.

The HSE said a skin rash is the most obvious sign of measles.

A person is at their most contagious when this presents.

Students with a rash, high temperature or other symptoms should not attend university until four days after the rash appears.

The HSE West's Department of Public Health is working with the authorities in NUI Galway to deal with the outbreak.

Vaccination clinics may be provided on campus, depending on the requirement.