Actors, writers, friends, and relatives of Brendan Behan have gathered in Dublin to remember the writer for the 50th anniversary of his death.
Among those paying tribute to him in Grogan's pub on South William Street were actors Niall Tóibín and Vincent Smith, and songwriter Pete St John who said Behan had influenced him greatly. 

Producer Elizabeth Tutty, who organised the event, said they had wanted to remember him and the Dublin that he knew. 

Born in 1923, Behan became one of Ireland's best-known writers and talkers

After joining the IRA at the age of 16, Behan served time in a borstal institution in England and in prison in Ireland. 

Released from prison as part of a general amnesty in 1946, Behan moved between Dublin, Kerry and Connemara and spent time in Paris, writing in both Irish and English. 

He wrote articles for The Irish Press and two radio plays for Radio Éireann.

Behan was a heavy drinker and his quality of work declined greatly in later years. He developed diabetes and died on the 20 March, 1964 aged 41.