The Food Safety Authority has warned consumers not to ingest frozen mussels that were on sale in Ireland after a number of people were taken ill.

The affected batch of Shellfish De La Mer Cooked Mussel Meats has been withdrawn by the company from sale in a number of stores, including Tesco and Dunnes Stores.

The product has been linked to a number of people contracting illnesses associated with Diarrhetic shellfish poisoning.

The FSAI has warned people not to consume any affected batches they may have stored in their freezers.

A spokesperson said the authority was notified of the issue after a small number of people became ill and one was hospitalised.

Symptoms of Diarrhetic shellfish poisoning include diarrhoea,  nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain, which can start within 30 minutes of consuming the product.

Complete recovery can take a few days.