Green Party leader Eamon Ryan has said that Ireland’s economic model should change to be more reliant on natural resources and small business.

Speaking at the party’s national convention in Dublin, Mr Ryan said the Government was going back to the model of old, by relying on construction for growth.

The building sector should be a service to the economy and not the driver, he said.

The Green Party will be running candidates in all constituencies in the upcoming European elections.

Mr Ryan said the party is the fourth largest in Europe and will continue to grow.

He said they have experience at local, national and European level and want to use that experience for the benefit of Irish people.

Referring to the possible delay in plans to export significant amounts of wind energy to Britain, despite an agreement between the two countries, Mr Ryan said it was an opportunity to start again.

He said communities affected by wind farms should be listened to, and local people should have a share in the ownership.

However, he stated that wind energy was the way to go.

Over 200 delegates attended the convention in Dublin.