The National Women's Council of Ireland has called for a women-friendly Oireachtas and has urged the Government to implement a number of measures to achieve this.

In a report to published this morning, the organisation says women have not been properly integrated into the Oireachtas, which it says has a negative impact on society.

The council has called on the Government to implement a number of key recommendations highlighted in the report.

As well as the introduction of maternity and paternity leave, it is calling for more business hours and the discontinuation of all-night debates in an effort to create a more female-friendly parliament.

Other key recommendations include a 40% gender quota to Cabinet appointments, the development of a code of conduct for what they describe as acceptable and respectable behaviour in the Oireachtas.

Council Director Orla O'Connor said that it is crucial that women can view politics as a viable career option.

Speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland, Ms O'Connor said experiences in private industry showed that more women in senior leadership positions led to greater effectiveness and better outcomes.

She also said men in politics were missing out on family activities due to the culture in the Dáil and said a shift in attitudes was needed overall.