The chairman of the Public Accounts Committee has said it will be seeking further legal advice on whether or not it can disclose the salaries of some Rehab executives.

John McGuinness said he will be contacting Rehab CEO Angela Kerins to ask her to volunteer the information.

The information was provided to the committee by the Health Service Executive.

However, committee members were today informed that it has been directed on legal advice not to publish the salaries of some executives from Rehab Care and the National Learning Network.

The clerk of the committee was informed of the position by the parliamentary legal adviser.

Yesterday, some executives of Rehab declined to provide details of their salaries to the PAC, however, the HSE subsequently provided the information to the committee.

Mr McGuinness had called on the Rehab Group to release the details of the pay of senior staff.

He said it had been necessary to drag information from Rehab and get it into the public domain and that the process could have been much easier.

However, the chairman described yesterday's PAC hearing as constructive and said excellent information was provided.

During the hearing, Ms Kerins told the committee that Rehab is not a State-run organisation and staff are not public servants.

Ms Kerins told the committee that all of the Rehab Group management team have been paid at least 20% below the current market median for total pay for some years.

Regarding the criteria surrounding bonuses, Ms Kerins said her contract can provide a bonus of up to 30-35% of her salary but she has never received that.

She also said that Rehab does not "take money from the State, we deliver €83m worth of services to the State".

She said it would be "narrow and misleading" to compare Rehab to a normal charity.

Ms Kerins told the committee that Rehab aims to reveal the salaries of its senior management and its CEO from this year on.

Rehab is looking at its options regarding the disclosure of remuneration packages, she added: "Our aim is 2014 onwards."