Two opinion polls suggest recent controversies over claims made by a Garda Whistleblower and the alleged surveillance of the offices of the Garda Ombudsman Commission have had little impact Government support.

The Government parties have gained in one poll and a second poll shows little or no change.

They are under siege politically - but people are not making any big judgments so far.

Indeed the Sunday Business Post / Red C poll, taken earlier this week shows Fine Gael at 29%, up 2 compared a poll last month.

The Labour Party too are on the rise at 11%  also up two.

Fianna Fáil is suggested to be at 22%  are down one.

Sinn Féin stay the same at 16%.  

While Independents and Others at 22% are down three.

In a Sunday Times/ Behaviour & Attitudes poll conducted between 11-19 February a largely similar pattern has been suggested.

Fine Gael is at 30%, exactly where they were at in December. 
Labour support is at 9% down two.

Fianna Fáil support is indicated to be at 19%  a drop of two points.

The poll indicates that Sinn Féin have 18% support  that is up three points.

Support for Independents and Others is at 24%, it stays the same.