Eight hundred long-term unemployed are to start work in Dublin's local authorities by the end of the year.

The Gateway initiative is similar to the JobBridge scheme and will see jobseekers receiving an additional €20 a week for 19.5 hours of work.

A spokesperson for the Department of the Environment confirmed the positions will be across a range of areas, including parks, landscaping and information technology.

Other jobseekers will be placed as "street ambassadors" to assist tourists.

Dublin City Council is taking on 295 workers, South Dublin and Fingal will get 215, while 110 jobseekers are starting work in Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council.

It is understood the Department of Social Protection will select candidates who will undertake the scheme for 22 months.

Those who refuse to participate face having their social welfare payments reduced or terminated.

So far, 60 people have already begun work on the initiative, which was originally announced in 2011.

It is expected that 3,000 positions are to be filled nationwide by the end of the year.

It is understood the positions are complementary to existing local authority staff and the roles have been agreed with trade unions.

All jobseekers will be garda vetted before assuming a Gateway position.