A new flood defence plan has been proposed for Clontarf involving the construction of a secondary sea wall along the roadway.

The plan is the result of talks between City Council officials and local business and residents representatives.

A report to North Central Area councillors pointed out that the original plan for flood defence embankment was rejected because of local opposition.

The new proposal is designed to minimise the impact on the visual amenity of the park and seafront as well as the safety of those using the promenade, which includes a walkway and cycleway.

It would involve the building of another wall with floodgates as near as possible to the Clontarf roadway and a 300 metre extension of the existing seawall to include the Alfie Byrne Road end and cover the full length of the promenade.

"The Promenade area will be sacrificed to flood waters in extreme events and its length and grass surface will be used to advantage to contain and absorb flood waters" according to the report by council engineer-in-charge Gerard O'Connell.

The report, which is to be considered by North Central Area councillors next Monday, recommends that the plan go for further analysis.