MPs in Britain have voted in favour of banning smoking in cars carrying children.

Conservative and Liberal Democrat MPs, who were given a free vote, joined forces with Labour MPs to approve the ban by 376 votes to 107, a majority 269.

The vote came after the Children and Families Bill was amended to give the health secretary the power to impose a ban.

Despite opposition from some Tories, including Cabinet members, MPs decided to uphold the change to the legislation made last month.

Shadow public health minister Luciana Berger welcomed the result but warned ministers not to "kick this into the long grass".

She said: "This is a great victory for child health which will benefit hundreds of thousands of young people across our country. It is a matter of child protection, not adult choice.

"The will of Parliament has been clearly expressed today and this must be respected.

Ministers now have a duty to bring forward regulations so that we can make this measure a reality and put protections for children in place as soon as possible.

"A time-limited consultation may be necessary on the practical details of implementation, but we will be watching closely to ensure the Government don't try and kick this into the long grass."