Schoolchildren were among 14 people killed by scorching ash clouds from Indonesia's Mount Sinabung in its biggest eruption in recent days.

In Sukameriah village, eight people were found dead near the volcano on the western island of Sumatra, four of whom were schoolchildren on a sightseeing trip to the volcano.

Six other bodies were recovered from the village later in the afternoon.

Photographers captured scenes of corpses covered in ash just yards from a fallen motorcycle as masked rescuers battled through the fumes to reach them.

Officials fear there could be more fatalities from the eruptions.

The search and rescue has been grounded due to the high potential of lethal heat clouds spewing from the mountain.

Three other people, a father and son as well as another man, suffered from burn injuries.

The volcano erupted again this morning, sending hot rocks and ash up to 2,000 metres into the air, blanketing the surrounding countryside with grey dust.