Minister for Justice and Equality Alan Shatter has expressed concern about the rise of extreme right-wing parties in advance of European Parliamentary elections this year.

Speaking at the National Holocaust Memorial Day Commemoration in Dublin, Mr Shatter said that the economic crisis has spawned new parties.

He said that the crisis had revitalised pre-existing parties of the extreme right whose anti-Semitic and racist rhetoric is both corrosive and dangerous.

Mr Shatter added: "Some of these are no longer on the fringes of political life and there is growing concern over the level of support they will attract in the forthcoming European Parliamentary elections."

The minister cited Golden Dawn in Greece, Jobbik in Hungary, the National Front in France.

He also expressed concern over Ataka and the Bulgarian National Party in Bulgaria and the British National Party and UKIP in Britain.

Mr Shatter said: "it is imperative that governments and mainstream parties "repudiate the reprehensible rhetoric of those who contaminate our political discourse and attempt to inflame dangerous prejudice".

700 people attended the Holocaust memorial, to remember the six million Jews and five million other victims of Nazi atrocities.