Two conflicting opinion polls have been released regarding political party support.

One poll was conducted by the Sunday Business Post which suggests both parties in Government have lost support.

While the Sunday Independent/Millward Brown poll suggests support has increased.

In the Sunday Business Post poll, it suggests that Fine Gael is at 27% down two since the last poll.

It indicates that Labour is at 9% down three since the last poll.

Fianna Fáil is at 23% up one point.

Sinn Féin's support is suggested to be at 16% up one and Independents and Others at 25% up three.

The second poll, the Sunday Independent / Millward Brown poll, conducted between 15 January and 24 January suggests support for Fine Gael is at 30% up three since last November's comparable poll.

Labour is indicated to have 12% support up 3 points since the last Sunday Independent/Millward Brown poll.

Fianna Fáil is at 26% up two points. Sinn Féin at 16% down five points and Independents and Others at 16% down three points.