St Vincent's Healthcare Group has written to the Health Service Executive to detail the salaries earned by three senior executives.

The hospital said last week that it would not provide such details to the HSE as public funds were not used in top-payments given to the three senior staff.

The group, which runs the public and private hospitals at St Vincent's in Dublin, had said it was compliant with public sector pay rules.

However, the group's CEO Nicholas Jermyn confirmed in a letter to HSE Director General Tony O'Brien today that he received a salary of €292,669 from public and private funds.

This was made up of €136,282 from the public sector and €136,591 from the private sector, with a privately funded car allowance of €19,796.

The group's Director of Finance Cormac Maloney earns €140,876, which includes a private top-up of €32,544.

Director of Nursing Professor Mary Duff earns €96,405, including a top-up of €14,853.

Mr Jermyn told Mr O'Brien the salaries were fully tax compliant and no charitable donations were involved in the top-up payments.

The disclosure of the salaries comes after Minister for Health James Reilly warned the hospital that there would be consequences it if did not comply with public pay policy.

The board has already agreed to come before the Oireachtas Public Accounts Committee in January to discuss the payments to staff.

A spokesman for Minister Reilly this evening said: "Minister Reilly has requested of the HSE to ensure that all Section 38 agencies are brought into compliance with public sector pay policy.

"The HSE will be meeting with senior figures from St Vincent's Hospital in the first week of January next to discuss these matters.

"The information in tonight's letter will be examined at that meeting."