The US diplomats chairing negotiations on problems in the peace process have been meeting to circulate revised proposals to the five main parties at Stormont.

Talks’ chairman Dr Richard Haass is hoping to conclude the discussions tomorrow.

This is a third draft of a proposal after the first two did not lead to an agreement between Northern Ireland's five main political parties.

Dr Haass and his colleague Dr Meghan O’Sullivan are hoping to call a plenary session with all the parties around the table at noon tomorrow.

After that meeting they are hoping to produce an agreement.

Among the three main issues which negotiators are attempting to tackle are flags, parades and how to deal with the legacy of past conflict.

They are attempting to address three issues that have caused the peace process to splutter: flags, parades and how to deal with the past.

On Friday, Dr Haass made a conscious decision to keep the talks rolling, rather than take a break for Christmas.