There has been a slight increase in the number of graduates who are in work nine months after leaving college, according to new data from the Higher Education Authority.

Of those who graduated with a Level 8 or honours degree qualification in 2012, slightly more than half had found jobs after nine months.

This compares to just under 50% the year before.

These figures were gathered by individual universities and collated by the HEA.

They show that nine months on, 52% of honours degree graduates and 72% of Masters and PhD students are working.

However, the data does not show what kind of jobs they have got or whether they are full or part-time.

Of those with honours degrees, one in ten was working abroad. 40% had found jobs in Ireland.

Of those working, 56% were earning less than €25,000 a year.

The figures show that those with health-related qualifications are most likely to have found work nine months after leaving college, followed by education and computer science.

Those with degrees in arts, science or maths are the least likely to be working by then, although a high proportion of these students will have gone on to further study.