Thick fog has caused another day of flight chaos for air passengers flying in and out of the UK.

Poor visibility led to 40 flights being cancelled at London's Heathrow Airport, while at London City Airport nearly every early-morning service was either delayed or cancelled.

British Airways was one of the carriers badly hit by the fog, with a number of its Heathrow and London City flights affected, including one to Cork Airport this afternoon.

Among the services that had to be axed at London City Airport were BA flights to Zurich, Glasgow and Dusseldorf.

A small number of flights in and out of Dublin Airport were cancelled with a number of others experiencing some delays.

The problems follow last Saturday's major disruption at all UK airports after difficulties at the Hampshire headquarters of air traffic control company Nats.

Yesterday, an accident involving a landing aircraft at Stansted Airport meant no planes were able to land at the airport for around three hours.