The worst tidal floods in 60 years to hit the east coast of England caused several homes to fall into the sea at Hemsby in Norfolk overnight.

Two people were killed in Britain as the Met office measured winds of up to 225km/h when the storm hit Scotland and parts of England.

A lorry driver was killed and four people injured when his vehicle overturned and collided with other vehicles in West Lothian.

A second man died near Nottingham when he was hit by a falling tree.

Three properties collapsed completely into the sea and four more were seriously undermined as a result of the severe storms. 

British Police taped off the dangerous areas, where some of the homes were expected to be completely washed out to sea. 

Residents managed to rescue some furniture while their properties were claimed by the waves as the land collapsed.

Thousands of people in Norfolk were forced to spend the night in emergency shelters. 

North Sea oil and gas producers including ConocoPhillips, Maersk Oil, and Statoil cut production and evacuated staff from some platforms.

All train services in Scotland were cancelled for a time yesterday due to debris on tracks but services were slowly restored during the day.           

Northern Europe hit by severe winds

Hurricane-force Storm Xaver swept across northern Germany leaving choppy seas and a trail of damaged property. 

Xaver blasted into northern Europe late today where it really was an extreme winter gale at the North Sea coast.

The highest wind speeds were recorded at the North sea coast at around 150kph.

About 4,000 people in the northern state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania had no power today.

Schools were closed and about 70 flights at Hamburg airport were cancelled.

Officials said floodwaters in the northern German port city of Hamburg rose to 6.09 meters above normal levels.

A high-speed rail line running 300km between Germany's two largest cities Hamburg and Berlin was blocked by debris on the tracks. 

Stranded passengers were transferred to buses, Deutsche Bahn officials said.   

The Oresund bridge linking southern Sweden with Denmark was shut in the afternoon. Some railway lines in southern Sweden were closed with high winds expected in the south and heavy snow further north.              

In Denmark, railroad company DSB said it would stop operating most trains. Airline Alsie Express cancelled all domestic flights and the 6.8km Great Belt Bridge,which includes a 1.6km suspension bridge section was closed.
Copenhagen Airport, the Nordic region's busiest airport was closed to all traffic yesterday evening until this morning due to the storm.               

Trains in the northern Netherlands were halted, Dutch Railways said. 

At Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport, 50 flights were cancelled with a spokesman warning of further possible cancellations.