One police officer was knocked unconscious and a second was injured during Union flag protests in Belfast.

Around 2,000 people took part in a protest at Belfast City Hall today - over the ongoing issue of the flying of the Union Flag. 

The march, from Belfast City Hall to the Shankill road, passed off without incident.  

One man was arrested in connection with the officers being hurt during later demonstrations, the PSNI said.

It was held just days ahead of the first anniversary of the decision by Belfast City Council - to restrict the raising of the flag to designated days only.

However, the protesters breached the rules set by the Parades Commission that they leave the area by noon instead leaving at 1pm.

Police said the breach will be investigated using evidence gathered during the event.

The rally was organised by a group calling itself the Loyalist Peaceful Protesters, with men and women carrying union flags, banners and posters alleging police brutality.

Others dressed up as Santa, Queen Elizabeth and Elvis.

Hundreds of people are continuing to protest in north Belfast.