The Chief Executive of Wexford Chamber of Commerce has said she believes that the Central Bank should remove 1c and 2c coins nationally after a successful trial in the town.

Speaking on RTÉ's News at One, Madeleine Quirke said there was very positive feedback after the trial.

A total of 250 shops took part in the trial during September, October and half of November.

Retailers rounded up or down total purchases to the nearest 5c to avoid using 1c or 2c coins.

Ms Quirke said the feedback showed that it had all balanced out.

"Shops didn't make money on it and consumers didn't lose out. From everyone's point of view it was beneficial."

Asked whether it could work nationally, she said: "I think it can and I think it will. It seems to be very, very popular, certainly from the merchants' point of view.

"The consumers obviously would be a little worried that if the one and two cent were done away with completely, that we might be in a position where prices would rise.

"But from the Central Bank's point of view, the guidelines have been very, very strict with regard to the trial. And if any rollout nationally follows on the back of what has happened, I would have no hesitation in saying it's a good thing all round."