A British Airways passenger jet was forced to make a U-turn over the Atlantic this evening and divert to Shannon after the crew reported smoke on board.

It is the second time in less than a week that a British Airways Boeing 777 jet has experienced difficulties and landed at Shannon.

Flight 173 was travelling from London to New York and was over two hours into its journey when it turned around.

The plane landed safely shortly before 6.20pm.

Emergency services had been standing by but were stood down shortly before the jet landed.

A replacement aircraft will take the passengers to their destination.

On Saturday, another British Airways 777 diverted to Shannon after the crew declared an emergency and donned their oxygen masks after they detected smoke in the cockpit.

The aircraft landed safely and a replacement plane was brought in to complete the service.

Just last Monday, the Air Accident Investigation Unit of the Department of Transport issued its final report into an incident last December involving a British Airways 777.

That flight diverted to Shannon on 2 December last after the crew experienced three smoke related incidents over the Atlantic.