Talks between Aer Lingus management and cabin crew representatives have resumed at the Labour Relations Commission.

They are meeting in a bid to resolve a row over the threatened closure of the Shannon cabin crew base.

Arriving for the talks, IMPACT Assistant General Secretary Michael Landers reiterated the union's warning that there would be industrial action, and even legal action, if the company proceeded with its threat to outsource work and breach the contracts of staff.

He said the dispute could be resolved today provided Aer Lingus put forward a reasonable position and dealt with issues the union had raised. 

Asked whether additional payments could resolve the row, he said the dispute was about Aer Lingus introducing a service without negotiation.

However, he added that obviously money could play a part in bringing a resolution as it does in all negotiations. 

Aer Lingus Director of Human Resources Michael Grealy said progress had been made, but noted that a lot of complex issues remained to be addressed.

He said the airline's fundamental position remained that they would fly passengers on the new routes using smaller 757 aircraft from January. 

He said they would either be crewed by Aer Lingus staff or by staff belonging to outsourcing firm ACL.

He said that at present the airline is continuing to engage with ACL.

Asked whether the airline was prepared to offer additional money to get a deal, Mr Grealy said he was not prepared to negotiate over the airwaves.

However, he said the arrangement on offer was a great opportunity for cabin crew at Shannon, who would keep their existing terms and conditions, with staff numbers increasing by 50%.

He said there was nothing extra on the table but there was the prospect of retaining what he described as high calibre jobs.